You must be at least 18 years of age. Affliction is a guild comprised of, and geared to, adults. Our conduct and conversations will reflect this. If we discover that a Member has not been truthful with us in this respect, he or she will be immediately removed.



Trial Member - Entry rank/Probation Phase. A provisional Member is accepted into our group under this title. During one's time as a Trial Member, he/she will be evaluated by the guild for general conduct, attendance, and raid performance. A Trial Member should seek out a class leader for assistance when needed.

Member - Full Member. An Recruit has successfully completed their probation period and is performing to the Guild's expectations. He/she has earned the trust of the guild officers, and can be counted on when they are needed.

Officer Alt - A member of one of the Guild Officer's alternate wow character, they could be a mix up of Affliction management.
Officer - An Officer of Affliction, and the leader of their respective class. Their are approximately 1-2 Officers per class. They manage and coordinate the members of their class, and act as guild leaders in the absence of Guild Commanders and Guild Masters. Officers have invite privledges into Affliction.
Guild Commander - The Guild Commanders are the sub-leaders of Affliction. They act as Guild Leaders in the absence of Guild Masters. They have proven their loyalty to the guild, and their dedication is second to none.
Guild Master - The founders of Affliction. They control the daily operations of the guild, raid coordination, and composition.


Affliction  loot policies are a mix of standard DKP, loot council, and open rolling, determined situationally:

Heroics - All loot drops from Heroic (and normal) 5-man instances are open roll for all members. (CLASS SPECIFIC, e.g. plate for warriors/paladins)

10 Man Raids - As there is often very little class/spec duplication in 10 man instances, most items will be open roll for upgrades, however the raid leader may determine if an item should go to a certain player based on gear upgrade.

25-Man Raids - The majority of all loot in 25-man raids will be handled by our DKP system.

Please make note that final say on all loot in a raid environment rests on the decision of the raid or Guild leader. Occasionally these individuals will override stated loot policy and assign loot to key raid members should the need arise.


Alts in the Guild - Currently there is no restriction on the number or level of alts you may have in the Guild.