Code of Conduct

General Behavior

Affliction is an adult-oriented Guild. What that means in day-to-day exchanges is that we expect our Members to regulate themselves, and treat one another with courtesy and respect. We are not, however, a PG Guild, and Members will be exposed to some adult language and themes (see age requirement). This does not mean we encourage any particular topics, and it is also not a carte blanche for unbridled profanity or "blue" language. Again, we simply expect our Members to behave as the adults they are and be conscientious of one another.

Cause for Removal

We understand that Members won't always agree in all things. If you have an issue with an Member of the Guild, we ask you to attempt to address it directly and politely. If that fails, please seek a Officer for assistance. Insulting other Members, using racial epithets or slurs, and/or attacking other Members personally because of race, gender or sexual orientation. Will be cause for immediate removal from the Guild.

Disruptive behavior, such as outbursts and/or "flaming" - whether confined to the guild or not, will also be cause for immediate removal.
We are aiming for a "drama free" environment where are Members can make the most of their limited time for gaming. Those who consistently disrupt that goal will be removed.
If you have any questions about this, or have suggestions, please contact any Officer.
When you participate in PuG groups, remember that you are representing Affliction as a whole. Lootwhoring, ninjas, and ninjalogging will not be tolerated in any way. Disciplinary action will be taken based on the severity of the situation including up too removal from the guild.

The Rule of Common Sense

Our behavior and expectations guidelines above are intentionally very general. That's because we expect people to use common sense at all times. Remember: When in doubt, use common sense! Failure to do so will usually lead to a suspension from raiding if not a Guild removal.
 Communication Channels

Guild Chat - This channel is available for Guildmates to discuss all relevant WoW topics. We generally keep GChat clean, due to the few younger members who may be playing at certain hours of the day.

Mumble - Mumble is the medium we use to conduct our raids, PvP and such. When you log into Mumble, you enter at your own risk. The same rules apply to Mumble, treat everyone with courtesy and respect. If players are conducting a raid or PvP in another channel, please give them the proper courtesy and do not disrupt their channel. Please do not channel jump, if your looking to join a channel that others are in, just ask to join the channel. Most of the time, you will be welcome into the channel.