Progression Raiding 

We are a progression/achievement-oriented raiding guild. This means we are interested in advancing the guild by progressing to new bosses and more difficult instances. This also implies that we are not interested in continuously farming old instances and/or operating a "mill" to continuously grind people through lower level instances to improve their gear. 

If you are interested in raiding, the burden will be on the individual player to do all that they can to make their character ready to raid at the appropriate level. In short, we will not do your work for you. 

Team Focus 

One of the most difficult aspects of progression bosses is getting the entire raid to know the boss strategy, getting each individual player to understand the part they play in the take-down strategy, and to develop that strategy to near-perfection. Just one player who doesn't know what's going on and/or isn't focused on proper execution is enough to result in wipe after wipe. 

To this end, we run using "fixed teams" and do not form teams based on sign-ups. Team Focus means each person is expected to care more about the good of the team than about the good of their own personal gear. It's not about the gear... it's about the progression. We need to strengthen the weak-spots to progress. If we can't strengthen the weak spots, then we need to get rid of them. It sounds cold... but then we didn't design the instances and the associated difficulties of each boss. Complain to Blizzard. Nobody said it would be easy. If it was easy, it wouldn't be fun. 

We have officers who will review your gear, see if you have the right enchants, gems, or other item upgrades applied. They'll watch the play statistics using tools like Skada or Recount, Warcraft Logs, etc. to see what you're doing and how effective you are as a player. We ask them to do this and to contact players to help them improve. We want and need every advantage we can get. Being approached by your class leader is not a reflection that you are a problem player... we want everyone to improve. As I run the guild audits (be.imba, wow-heroes, etc.), I frequently find people who have missed something. Our class leaders are trying to correct that to give our team the best advantage in its ability to progress. 

Damage output or healing output is important (very important) but so is crowd control, avoiding unnecessary damage, proper use of effective non-damaging debuffs or spells that improve the effectiveness of those in your group or nearby players while not directly improving your own damage output. We don't just look at damage. Be a "team" player... not a "hero". With that said... we know about how each player should rank based on their class, build, and gear. Don't be far behind where you should rank (as Devildriver says: "I don't care if you're not first... just don't be last.") 

Reliability, Predictability, and Preparedness 

Each member of the team is expected to be reliable. They are expected to be available for the raiding days and if for any reason a member can't make it, they're expected to make it known to the team well in advance of the raid so that we have time to find a replacement. Being on the team is more about being reliable, predictable, and a good player than it is about having good gear - we can fix the gear problem... we can't fix the reliability problems. 

Members are expected to show up prepared. This means you've: 


Repaired your gear 

Restocked with reagents 

Restocked food (stat bonusing food appropriate for your class) although most of the time the guild will be placing Feasts down 

Bandages (at times the healers will be told to ONLY heal the tank. You are expected to have the bandages to heal yourself) 
Flasks appropriate for your class. Yes, flasks are expensive (trust me... we know). No, they are not optional. Flasks appropriate for both your main and off spec. It is between you as a player and your raid leader which flasks they will expect you to use. You should come expecting and willing to use one flask per hour. 


Be on time: 

The scheduled start time is when we plan to do our first 'pull'... not when we intend to to invites, summoning, or buffs. 
 Just like the airlines... your seat may be given away if you are late. 
Not showing up with the appropriate provisions fails the "reliability" and "preparedness" categories. If you want to be on the team... be reliable. 

Members are also expected to go read the boss strategies prior to any new encounter. There are both written boss strategies ( is a good site) and a seemingly unlimited supply of YouTube video strategies on the Internet. We know you have Internet because you're reading this page. Read them. If you want to succeed and want the team and guild to succeed then there's no reason not to. 

Don't be a drain on your team... be an asset. Everyone else is out grinding their repair bills, their supplies, and getting prepared. It will only drive the morale down for everyone else if we let one person get away with not being prepared while everyone else is doing their part. We have little choice but to eliminate these people. 

Yes, we will wipe a lot. Wiping, then trying to make sure we all understand why we wiped, is part of learning. Yes it's also expensive. That comes with progression raiding. Everyone else on the team knows this first-hand too. 

Required Raiding Mods 

There are a few game mods which are needed for raiding. While there is often more than one mod that can fulfill a purpose, some of these mods actually work together (they communicate with their counterpart being run by other players in the raid) and will not work correctly if you substitute a different mod. 

The mods required are: 

Deadly Boss Mods -- this mod has modules for each boss in the progression instances and is aware of the nuances of the fight. It provides a great deal of information and warning to help the raid succeed and keep us alive. Everyone must run this mod.

GTFO -- Stupid is as stupid does, but sometimes we all stand in stupid. This mod will alert you, VERY LOUDLY, when you are standing in bad stuff. Your healers will love you for this.

Any other mods the raid leader needs. 

The recommended mods are: 
Healbot or Vudho-- [Healers] Provides a UI for faster one-click healing without having to target players. 
Grid / Clique -- [Healers] These two mods together can provide the same functionality as Healbot with additional configurability and flexibility. The setup is more complicated. 
Decursive -- [Healers] Easy UI for cleansing. 

The list of required mods may be updated from time to time. When major game patches are released, these mods often need to be updated. Please ensure that you are running up-to-date versions of these mods. 

Most mods can be obtained by downloading them from a trustworthy website. and are good sources of mods. I suggest you do not download mods from sites that are not well-known sources of reliable mods. For the security of your own account, do not install any mods which use their own installer (e.g. a "setup" or any other installer that runs as a ".exe" file on Windows. There are numerous unscrupulous organizations that install "bonus" features on your computer in order to steal your account, loot all your gold, and shard all your epics. If you don't want to log in only to find yourself naked and penniless, only download mods from trustworthy well-known mod sites. 

Voice Chat 

We use Mumble for in-game voice chat. You must have it installed. 

The ability to talk (e.g. having a working microphone) is mandatory. Communication during raids is extremely important, especially when learning a new boss. 
Everyone must enable "push-to-talk" mode. Ask a fellow guildie for help if you do not know how to do this. 
When logging into the guild's chat server, you must use a nickname that matches your in-guild character name. Officers will boot / ban people from the chat server if they do not recognize the person's name as being a member of the guild. 
We do want the raids to be fun. A small amount of idle chatter is fine, but not during combat. Keep the vent channel clear for essential communication only during combat. Save all other remarks until the fight is over. If you were disconnected or died during combat, don't say anything unless you were performing a specific critical role and someone will need to take over for you -- and even then use as few words as possible to convey the essential message. 
Don't yell/scream. Talk in a normal, calm, voice. Don't put your microphone too close to your mouth. 

Gear and Talent Specs 

When raiding, you're expected to show up in raiding-gear... not in your PvP gear. 

Your "raiding" toons are expected to use all talent specs optimized exclusively for raiding. Class leaders may review and/or approve/reject specs accordingly.

Minimums are established for each type of class in the raid and your toon will need to exceed the minimums set up by the Class Leader. 

How To Get Invited to the Progression Team 

Let me just come right out and say it: Attitude, Reliability, Predictability, Preparedness, Team-Focus, and Quality of Play. Those are the attributes that will fast-track you onto the raiding teams. 

Notice what's not on that list, such as "how long you've been in the guild", "whether or not you waited for your turn in a queue", "how many weeks you've been asking to go", etc.) That's because those qualities do absolutely nothing to help us succeed. While having good players who work hard, have a strong positive attitude, show up reliability week after week, are on time and come prepared with provisions and knowledge of the strategies WILL help us succeed. 

If you want to raid, get your player prepared for raiding. Do as many pre-req instances as you can (pug them if you must -- although the guild runs several). Do a good job on those runs and show you've got what it takes. Again... we're more interested in all the other attributes before we worry about the gear. It's not that gear isn't important... it is, but we can "fix" a gear problem. We can't fix a problem with people who aren't reliable, etc. So if we have to pick from among people who are "nearly" ready... we'll take the ones with strong personal commitment to the guild and to the team first. 

If after reading the above, you understand it will take dedication, wont be easy, and you're still interested and willing to do what it takes, then we've been looking for you.